"My experience of migration" photo exhibition
Have you been travelling abroad lately?
Are you happening to be an ex/present/future ERASMUS student?
Do you have relatives in a different country/continent?
Seeking a fresh start in abroad?
Are you forced to leave your home?
BTW, what HOME means for you?
Above questions all related to migration, the world-wide social phenomenon heavily discussed in scientific, political spheres so as every-day conversations.If you are interested in personal aspects, experiences, memories about migration and home you are welcome to join us on the vernissage of the EASTmig Photo Contest titled “My experience of migration”. Youngsters from Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Slovakia and Ukraine will present their photos and share their opinions, views about migration. Special part of thexhibition is titled “This is my life” and exhibit photos and essays of refugee children from Karabakh living in Yerevan, Arnia. Invited guests, partly Arnians living in Hungary will join us and tell their personal memories about home, homeland and homebuilding experiences in Hungary.

The exhibition is supported by the International Visegrad Fund V4EaP Programme, andcarried out by EASTmig Flagship Project.
Special thanks to the Visegrad Scholarship Programme which made possible the stay in Armenia for two semesters

Helyszín: Rácskert, 1073 Budapest, Dob u. 40.
Date: April 28 2014 6 PM
Helyszín: Macska, 1084 Budapest, Bérkocsis utca 23.
Date:April 29 2014 6 PM

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