Tünde Baranyi
(1962 – 2018)

Lidia van Driel-Gesztelyi
28 July 2018

With great sadness, I have to announce that Tünde Baranyi, the head of the Debrecen solar physics group of Konkoly Observatory (MTA CsFK), the group of the former Debrecen Heliophysical Observatory, Hungary, passed away on 24 July 2018. Tünde studied astronomy at the Eötvös University, Budapest, Hungary and started working at Debrecen Observatory in 1985. She was involved in the research of solar data, sunspot dynamics and morphology, solar-terrestrial relations and solar irradiance models. However, her most important contribution was that she led the work on the most detailed sunspot databases during more than two decades, the Debrecen Photoheliographic Data (DPD), the SOHO/MDI Debrecen sunspot Data (SDD), and the SDO/HMI-Debrecen sunspot Data (HMIDD). These highly detailed databases of sunspots and sunspot groups have become as important for the research of sunspot group dynamics as their predecessor, the Greenwich Photoheliographic Data (GPR).

Tünde worked with incredible carefulness and thoroughness, she paid attention even to the smallest details and her meticulous way of working made these databases extremely reliable and detailed sources of information. Making a catalogue is an arduous task, but the solar community profits greatly from the results.

Tünde is survived by her husband, András Ludmány, a solar physicist and their three children: Orsolya, Fruzsina and Bence.

Source: http://spd.stanford.edu//SolarNews/2018/20180801.html#section_driel-gesztelyi