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Astromineralogy Workshop II. (2012)
March 12., 2010, Budapest

Location: Konkoly Thege Miklos Astronomical Institute, H-1121 Budapest, Konkoly Thege Miklós út 15-17.
Local Organizing Committee: Péter Ábrahám, Attila Demény, Akos Kereszturi


- 9:30 Welcome (P. Ábrahám, director of MTA CSFK)
- 9:35 A personal view on modern laboratory astrophysics (Th. Henning, director of MPIA, Heidelberg)
- 10:35 coffee break

- 10:50 Review of instrumentation at CSFK (A. Demény, director of MTA CSFK FGI)
- 11:15 Short presentations:
-- Research and developments at the MTA CSFK FI (Z. Szalai, MTA CSFK FI)
-- High resolution electron beam microanalytics in meteorite research (J. Dégi, WIGNER RCP, SZFKI)
-- Quantitative infrared spectrometry and incorporation of water in olivine: analytical and experimental developments (I. Kovács, ELGI)
-- Measuring light elements (e.g. H, B, Cl) and REE with neutron activation techniques (K. Gmélig, MTA EK IKI)
-- Synchrotron based X-ray micro-analytical methods (D. Breitner, MTA CER)
-- Mineral analysis for paleoenvironment reconstruction - from Mars to meteorites (A. Kereszturi, MTA CSFK CSI)
-- Laboratory measurement of trans-Neptunian object surface materials (Cs. Kiss, MTA CSFK CSI)
-- Probing the radial distribution of dust species in protoplanetary disks of young stars with the Very Large Telescope Interferometer (L. Mosoni, MTA CSFK CSI)

Detailed documentation of the workshop can be found here.

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